Neuriva Review - Unveiling the Truth Behind the Brain-Boosting Supplement

Neuriva, a recently introduced brand of cognitive enhancement supplements by Schiff Vitamins, aims to enhance memory, performance, and mental cognition naturally. The product line includes two variants, Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus, both incorporating Neurofactor, a coffee fruit extract, along with other active ingredients targeting the five indicators of brain performance: accuracy, focus, learning, memory, and concentration. While Neuriva Plus additionally claims to improve reasoning, the credibility of these supplements is scrutinized in this review.

Ingredients of Neuriva - Effectiveness and Legitimacy

Both Neuriva products share the same usage instructions, suggesting one capsule per day before bedtime for adults. The active ingredients in Neuriva include Neurofactor and phosphatidylserine. The latter, also known as Plant-Sourced Sharp PS, is a phospholipid crucial for cell membrane function, memory formation, and learning processes. Neurofactor, the second ingredient in Neuriva Original, is a patented extract from coffee cherry, claimed to increase brain-derived neurotrophic factor levels, vital for neuron health and development. The supplement Neuriva Plus incorporates additional vitamins B6, B12, and folic acid.

Customer Reviews - Exploring Potential Side Effects

Examining Neuriva customer reviews reveals mixed sentiments. While some users reported minimal improvements in energy and focus, others expressed dissatisfaction, citing ineffectiveness in boosting stamina and alertness. Complaints about the product's high cost and a few instances of skin rash post-consumption were also documented. Testimonials highlighted the need for further clinical evidence to support the proclaimed benefits of Neuriva.

Where To Buy Neuriva?

Neuriva Original and Neuriva Plus are available for purchase on the official website, priced at $30 and $44.95, respectively, both containing 30 capsules per container. Shipping costs $5.99 or is free for orders exceeding $30. The company offers a 30-day return policy, subject to certain conditions. Interestingly, Neuriva Plus is found at a lower cost on Amazon at $25.89, potentially raising questions about product quality.

Final Verdict

Based on the gathered information, Neuriva raises concerns due to reported disadvantages and user dissatisfaction. The product lacks substantial clinical research to validate its claims, and real-user reviews highlight potential side effects. In conclusion, Neuriva may not be the miracle brain-enhancing product it purports to be. Individuals seeking cognitive improvement are advised to explore more effective and safer alternatives, ensuring a positive impact on mental abilities without compromising on safety.

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